How Internet Marketing Has Taken Over Traditional Marketing

Digital marketing is perhaps the most ignored aspect of advertising and marketing, which use web and internet based technologies including mobile phones, desktop computers and various other internet based media and channels to advertise products and services to consumers. There are some benefits of this advertising channel compared to the print media, television advertisements and other promotional media. The digital world includes several tools and techniques for tracking the exposure of products and services to potential customers. However, there is a big gap between what marketers and advertising agencies consider to be “traffic” on the internet and the numbers of sales and sign ups which can be achieved through conventional marketing and advertising practices.

For many companies and business houses, internet marketing is a cost effective and less time consuming option of promoting products and services to prospective customers, which is also an important factor in their profitability and growth. This channel helps to bring the right information to the right people at the right time through web-pages, blogs, e-mails and search engines. It provides for a platform through which marketers can build a reputation and a brand image that will be visible to targeted buyers. Apart from this, it also enables companies to measure key performance indicators such as click through rate, number of sales and sign ups which help them to optimize their web pages, blogs, email campaigns and search engine optimization strategies. One of the main reasons behind the success of this advertising technique is the effectiveness of search engine optimization or SEO.

With internet marketing, marketers can reach to more people and have a better chance of converting these visitors into prospective customers. Also, marketers can easily measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts as they can get comprehensive information through various tools available online. Another important advantage of traditional marketing is its immediate gratification value, whereas internet marketing can be updated on a regular basis. It is also more cost effective as marketers don’t need to pay for printing, distributing and promotion costs. Internet marketing is definitely the future of traditional marketing.